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That's it! That's all we want. We only partner up with the savviest of agents this industry offers. The ones who have paid their dues. The ones that understand their market and its fluctuations. The ones that lead by their investing savvy example. If you believe you're that agent we invite you to become part of our network. Fill out the application and once we confirm your credentials we'll include you in our referral network. Often times our sellers, buyer and investors need the savviest to help them thru more complicated processes. When that's the case we'll certainly reach out to you, the consummate agent, to help them.  

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The HouseSavvy™ Agent!

The real estate industry is ever changing to accomodate the needs of the consumer. The traditional brokerage model is just one of MANY ways to sell property, and quite frankly, the most antiquated. Considering that the consumer is savvier than ever on their options it can become incredibly frustrating for the consummate agent to align themselves with those that appreciate their expertise. We align ourselves with the producers, the leaders, the example, the ones that drive their market. If you're looking for a referral partner that can help grow your team you've come to the right place. We don't broker deals unless the consumer requests it. Instead we counsel and refer them to their best options. Are you a HouseSavvy™ agent or broker? Do you dare set the standard along with the most brilliant and efficient in the industry? Let's do this!

How it Works

1. Submit your request for partnership info.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain. We'll send your our application along with partnership criteria. We'd love to hear from you! 

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2. Fill out our application. 

Be thorough! Show off. Now is not the time to hold back. Tell us why you rock! Tell us how you help manage risk and save your clients money. What associations keep you up to date with the market? Do you invest? Are you options-oriented? Are you connected to those that can provide those options?

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3. We'll review your historical track record. 

Yes. We actually check you out with the State in which you're practicing, check out your production record, have a chat about goals. Not all fit the mold required to be a HouseSavvy™ agent. We only refer the best'. 

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4. If you meet our standards of excellence we'll add you to our partnership program & help grow your business. 

Simple as that. You're one of the best - we partner up!

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What HouseSavvy™ Fans Say

"Great company! Just excellent!"

-J. Mallette; San Antonio, Texas

"Having all my options in one place made things super easy and saved me a great deal of money! You just can't go wrong!"

-J. Daniel; Lubbock, Texas

"Superb service! Their knowledge of the industry from a buying or selling perspective is unsurpassed."

-P. Meyer; San Antonio, Texas

"As a busy investor I appreciate having all the options presented to see what suits the need. This is definitely the way to summarize all the possibilities. True time saver - Love it!"

-T. Ray; Mexico City Beach, FL

"What happens when you have everything organized in one entity? SIMPLICITY! Thanks HouseSavvy™for saving me thousands of dollars AND my time!"

-M. Ortega; Lawton, OK

Work with us! Submit Your Application Today!