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We're looking to expand our vendor network of title services, lenders and contractors. We only recruit the best, most responsive and reputable contractors. We make things easy for our clients because we only choose the best! Our vendors are all held to high standards as we manage risk for our clients. If you feel you meet our standard we look forward to hearing from you. Fill out our vendor application and we'll be in touch soon! 

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The HouseSavvy™ Vendor!

Sometimes the worst part of owning a property is not necessarily the repairs or services that come up from time to time but the person you engage to complete them. Responsiveness and a commitment to excellent service is what we seek. In exchange we'll provide you with good solid work and the opportunity to expand your team as we expand ours. Isn't that what a true partnership is all about? Let's do this! Submit your application today! 

How it Works

1. Request to become part of our network.

It's FREE and a great opportunity to get help growing your business not only with more 'jobs' but we'll help you grow a team!

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2. We'll confirm your expertise credentials.

We only select the best and most cost efficient. In other words, we need the experience it takes to complete great repairs while managing risk. 

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3. You will be engaged to complete repairs and/or assessments.

Our Savvy clients count on us to save them time and money when we refer them to you. That's why we do our homework up front when expanding our network of professionals. 

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4. As our team grows so will yours.

That's right. The more work we send your way the more help you'll need. You don't have time for that. So we do it for you. We scrutinize our vendor network and when a match comes in that may help you grow, we send them to you - no strings attached!

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What HouseSavvy™ Fans Say

"Great company! Just excellent!"

-J. Mallette; San Antonio, Texas

"Having all my options in one place made things super easy and saved me a great deal of money! You just can't go wrong!"

-J. Daniel; Lubbock, Texas

"Superb service! Their knowledge of the industry from a buying or selling perspective is unsurpassed."

-P. Meyer; San Antonio, Texas

"As a busy investor I appreciate having all the options presented to see what suits the need. This is definitely the way to summarize all the possibilities. True time saver - Love it!"

-T. Ray; Mexico City Beach, FL

"What happens when you have everything organized in one entity? SIMPLICITY! Thanks HouseSavvy™for saving me thousands of dollars AND my time!"

-M. Ortega; Lawton, OK

Yes! I Want to Partner Up!